The Earth. Under Control.

Known for its innovation and proven solutions, Minova is a leading global manufacturer of resin, cementitious and mechanical earth control products, adhesives and support equipment. Minova continues to offer innovative solutions for civil engineering, construction and rehabilitation, mining and industrial customers – all building a safer tomorrow, today.

Safety is our priority. Always.

The most important thing is that we all return home, safely, every day.

We care and take accountability for everyone’s safety and wellbeing, including our own.

We recognize the risks we face in our work and follow all safety controls.

We speak up when we see hazards or causes of potential harm.

We respect and value all.

Our care for each other, our customers, communities and the environment builds trusted relationships.

We treat everyone fairly, with dignity and we value diversity.

We work with our local communities to contribute positively.

We find ways to minimize our impact on the environment in all our actions. 

Together we succeed.

Collaboration makes us better, individually and collectively.

We freely share information and ideas with our colleagues.

We are a team. We take accountability and responsibility for our team’s performance.

We partner with our customers for a better understanding and result. 

We act with integrity.

We are open and honest, and we do what is right.

We are transparent in all our communications.

We always demonstrate ethical conduct and sustainable practices.

We are trusted because we do what we say we will. 

We are committed to excellence.

We take accountability for our business and for delivering outstanding results.

We bring our best effort every day and trust our colleagues to do the same.

We understand our tasks and how we contribute to Minova’s overall success.

We look for ways to deliver higher performance and adapt swiftly to changing needs.