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Minova Grouting Brochure

Minova cementitious and resin based grouting applications are widely used in the mining and construction industries around the world.

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High Performance Grouting Solutions

Minova is a producer of high performance specialty resins and cementitious products consisting of a broad portfolio of cement or polymer / cement based materials, polyester resins, polyurethane resins, silicate resins, epoxy resins and methacrylate gels.

Minova resins and cementitious products provide a comprehensive solution for our far reaching global customers. Challenging geological conditions, varying construction materials and difficult application needs differ greatly for our users. The range of products developed by Minova addresses project performance needs and application challenges through relevant characteristics – viscosity, setting times, strength and expansion.

A Perfect Solution for Every Application

The application of the resins or cements is determined by expectation of the final result and project requirements. Parameters to consider include:

  • Compressive strength
  •  Tensile strength
  •  Shear strength
  •  Plastic/elastic behaviour (resins can be less brittle than cements)
  •  Speed of reaction and curing time
  • Environmental impact (both in production and in usage)

Improving Underground Safety

Minova manufactures a range of specialty grouting products designed to meet project requirements. They are available in various cementitious or resin based options to address any of your grouting needs.