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Minova SDA Micropiling

Minova SDA Micropiles are a deep foundation element constructed of certified high-strength small-diameter (<300mm or 12”) steel used in conjunction with high strength cementitious grouts.

Minova is a leading solutions supplier for micropiling systems. The terminology for a micropile varies as they are commonly referred to as minipiles, pin piles, needle piles or root piles. Some of the most well-known micropile support applications are driven wooden micropiles under buildings in Venice, Stockholm (Old City) and Turku (Finland). Today many of these older piles require upgrading. Underpinning solutions for rehabilitation with Minova micropiles has been widely used to replace older piles to stabilise structures.

Structural Support Requires High Performance Products Supplied by Minova.

Micropile structural capacity relies on high-strength certified steel elements to resist applied loads. Steel micropiles can reduce the required cross-sectional area by up to 50% when compared to conventional reinforced concrete solutions.

In comparison conventional cast in-situ, drilled or non-displacement piles have the applied load structurally resisted by reinforced concrete. Increased structural capacity is achieved by increasing the cross-sectional areas and surface areas.

The typical external diameter of the micropile body is up to 300 mm (~12”).

  • Micropiles advantages:
  • Provides structural support
  • Underpins foundations
  • Enhances mass stability
  • Transfers loads
  • Controls buoyancy 

Minova SDA micropiles consist of a fully threaded self-drilling hollow bar that is manufactured from seamless or welded steel tubes. The hollow bars can be installed with rock drilling equipment using the air flush or the water flush (including grout flushing) methods.

Bars are either threaded with R (Rope) or T (Trapezoid) thread types and designed for easy connection to both rock drilling equipment and/or connection couplers for simple bar extension when needed.