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Minova Applications Overview

This brochure features a broad overview of our operating sectors and solutions.

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Minova is an integral part of mining operations addressing the broader needs, including:

  • Backfilling Applications
  • Cavity Filling
  • Chute Linings and Repairs
  • Dust Control and Management
  • Rock Fall Recovery
  • Rockfill Consolidation
  • Roof and Wall Support
  • Stabilisation of Slopes and Ribs
  • Tailings Dams
  • Ventilation Control
  • Water and Gas 

Mining. Under Control.

Safety, productivity and asset  optimisation are key drivers in the mining industry. As ground conditions worsen, ore grades reduce and mines dig deeper, miners face increasingly difficult situations.   

The challenges and demands faced by hard rock and coal miners differ, but they share common concerns such as bolting times and rock support requirements. Automation has increased in mining in recent decades; however, bolting remains a bottleneck for operations. For decades, Minova has been a leader in developing innovative bolts, resins and mechanical solutions – leading to improved safety and bolting installation times.

Rock bolting became widespread in the 20th century with the development of fully column grouted bolts. The early grouting systems were bulky, clumsy and complicated. Minova developed, Lokset®, pre-packaged two-part polyester resin that rapidly transformed the mining industry for manual grouting applications.

Coal and Softrock Mining

Minova is a global leader in providing safe environments in extremely fractured and fluid ground conditions. We understand the specific requirements around coal production.

Hard Rock Mining

Minova is a leading manufacturer of products used in underground hard rock mines. From production of gold, copper and platinum to diamonds and other precious stones, our products are designed to create safe and productive mine environments.