Soil and Rock Nailing

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Minova Soil Nailing Overview

This brochure represents a general overview of the most commonly used solutions for soil nailing applications that Minova offers.

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Soil and Rock Nails

Minova offers a broad range of solutions for soil and rock nailing applications including deep anchoring solutions. Soil nailing is an established construction method to treat unstable slopes or as a construction technique that allows for cost effective and flexible installation to stabilise retaining walls, slopes, embankments and levees and the safe over-steepening of new or existing  slopes. Soil nailing has proven economically attractive and technically feasible method and can offer benefits when compared to ground anchors or other methods of stabilisation of slopes and excavations.

  • Require smaller space as typically they are shorter
  • Less congestion at work place
  • Less disruptive to traffic and cause less environmental impact compared to heavier construction methods
  • Less need to embed structural elements below the excavation
  • Relatively rapid installation
  • Less construction materials used
  • Nail location, inclination and lengths can be adjusted to suit the site
  • More nails are used maintaining safety on site
  • More economic than concrete gravity walls

Addressing Corrosion

Life cycle of installations are being critically assessed. Aggressive soils and rock conditions increase corrosion activity and remains a major challenge to the construction industry. 

Automation in Soil and Rock Nailing

Minova is the technical leader in automated bolting and nailing operations removing manual handling, improving safety and improving installation cycle times.