Sprayed Structural and Waterproofing

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Sprayed Liners Overview

This brochure represents a general overview of the most common solutions for structural coatings, linings and waterproofing membranes used by the mining and construction industries around the world.

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High Performance Sprayed Applied Solutions

The Minova cement and resin product offering is a comprehensive solution for our widespread global customers. This broad portfolio ranges from cementitious / polymer based materials to polyester resins, polyurethane resins, epoxy resins, silicate resins, and methacrylate gels.

The range of products developed by Minova addresses both the application and performance needs of your project. We ensure our products meet the viscosity, setting times, strength, and expansion rates required to complete your job. Whether facing unique geological conditions or varying construction materials our products perform.

Structural Coatings, Linings and Waterproofing Membranes

Minova supplies a broad range of wet and dry sprayed products which function as either structural or waterproofing membranes. These pre-blended products offer the simplicity and flexibility of dry-spraying, which is ideally suited to applications where small volumes are needed, the timing of application is unpredictable, or the work site is very constrained. Production can also be scaled up for projects requiring larger volumes.

Structural Membranes

Minova developed TekFlex® in 2000 as a structural membrane for mining. By working with our customers Minova has been able to expand the capabilities of TekFlex to perform as a spray applied flexible waterproofing membrane