Structural Repair, Restoration and Remediation

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Minova Applications Overview

This brochure features a broad overview of our operating sectors and solutions.

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Structural Repair, Restoration and Remediation. Under Control.

Minova understands remediation work is more complex, costly, extensive and time consuming with inherent environmental requirements for any project. Our integrated solutions address these requirements.

Over time, aging structures require repair and restoration. To keep up with urban population growth, infrastructure will continually need redevelopment and upgrading. Maintenance and design upgrades for airports, bridges, dams, roads, railways, tunnels, buildings, subdivisions, sewer systems, and water reservoirs are critical for sustaining quality of life and safety. Minova has the right combination of products to repair, restore and remediate a wide range of infrastructure projects.

Minova is there every step of the way with a wide array of high performance products.

Structural Repair, Restoration and Remediation Applications


The reality of modern life

As cities grow, the need to utilise  underground space increases. At the same time repair and rehabilitation of foundations and old buildings require smart solutions.

Untreated cracks deepen causing corrosion of the reinforcing steel which severely weakens the load bearing capabilities of a structure. Minova provides products that address the rehabilitation and repair of cracks and fissures before they lead to structural failures.

Minova is there at every step

The Minova range of products includes:

  • Cementitious and micro-cementitious grouts
  • Epoxy resins
  • Methacrylate gels
  • Phenolic resins
  • Polyester resins
  • Polyurethane resins
  • Silicate materials
  • Steel & GFRP Products
  • Pumps and Equipment
  • Consulting and Installation Services