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Minova Applications Overview

This brochure features a broad overview of our operating sectors and solutions.

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Geotechnics. Under Control.

Minova innovative solutions lay the groundwork for growing cities by stabilising and modernising infrastructure including bridges, dams, transportation, energy generation and waterways. Whether addressing difficult terrain or isolated areas, Minova has the right solution to manage any environment.

Today there is an increasing trend to build upon challenging sites with poor ground. Minova has high performance solutions and application techniques that are safe, time efficient, and create sustainable results.

Minova specialises in anchoring, grouting, injection resins and rock bolting for ground stabilisation, micropiling, rock fall protection, slope stabilisation, and water control.

Geotechnical Applications


Minova answers modern demands.

Minova ground control and geotechnical solutions lay the groundwork for growing cities, modernising infrastructure links, containing dams and supporting our ever-increasing energy demands. Whether supporting improved high speed travel and freight, large and heavy construction sites, difficult terrain or isolated areas, Minova has the right products to easily handle any environment.

Minova understands geotechnical.

We improve project results and keep your company competitive with special geotechnical technologies that include stabilisation, sealing, reinforcing, and anchoring.  Minova solutions are focused on safety, serviceability and sustain-able results for all projects.

Minova understands the discipline of geotechnical engineering

Protecting the environment

Many projects undertaken today must address the protection of the environment. Products now need to provide more energy efficiencies in manufacture with a lower carbon footprint. Today, Minova is meeting that challenge by offering a range of solutions such as GFRP (Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer)  bolts, meshes and bars as well as injections resins with ground water and drinking water approvals. Our Self Drilling anchors are manufactured in our plant in Austria that is supplied with 100% renewable energy sources.

Longer design life

Today’s projects are demanding longer life  cycles for materials, quickly moving the needle forward to 100 years or more.  Minova remains at the forefront of innovative development to bring better solutions to the needs of geotechnical projects. These include our double coated protection for steel elements, a broad range of composite technology products for bolting and reinforcement needs 
as well as long life resins and specialist cementitious products.

Reinforcement and support solutions

Our bolting, anchoring and micropiling range is one of the most comprehensive available, addressing the geotechnical challenges for surface and underground applications today. We are setting a new standard for the industry with versatile, durable solutions. The Minova Self Drilling Anchor (SDA) micropiling offering is a leader with European Technical Approvals  for permanent structures. Our GFRP composite bolting, meshing and structural element solutions give reductions to CO2 emissions in manufacturing and a lower carbon footprint in transport. Through the development of double coated protection steel products and our combined tech-nology, we optimize the life cycle of steel elements.