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Minova Tunnelling Overview

With solutions tried and proven in the toughest environments, we
help you control the biggest risks.

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Minova Applications Overview

This brochure features a broad overview of our operating sectors and solutions.

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Maximise safety and sustainability.

Constructing a tunnel means building public infrastructure which will last for decades. Tunnels are built to support modern life: to make traffic flow better, to shorten distances and to connect locations.

Tunnels must not only be efficient when designed and constructed, but also safe and reliable for years to come. With a time perspective measured in decades or centuries, we expect tunnels to allow for the passage of millions of people and of millions of tons of goods through them.

This is where Minova partners with you to build reliable and sustainable tunnelling solutions.

Tunnelling Applications


Designing for a lifetime

Securing tunnels is a complex business, which is not only about quick solutions for today, but needs expertise in dimensioning and designing the tunnel support as well as mechanical and chemical solutions to last the life time of the tunnel.

Decades of experience

Minova combines decades of tunnelling expertise with world class solutions for mechanical and chemical support. Minova strives to maximise safety and sustainability for you both in the short term and the long term.

Tunnelling Applications


With presupport, we secure the ground for excavation of the tunnel. The rock is stabilized ahead of the face to reduce rock deformation before excavation. The pre support is executed from a secured area and completely eliminates work in unsecured areas. A proper pre-support also reduces the risk of collapsing roof or face during drilling and blasting.

  • Face stabilisation
  • Roof support
  • Cavity filling


When excavated, the tunnel is further strengthened and secured for both continued work and for future operation. The rock reinforcement stabilizes the ground and extends the natural arch of the rock. The reinforcement prevents further loosening of rock mass and reduces rock deformation caused by further excavation.

  • Rock consolidation through rock bolting
  • Cavity filling to eliminate future ground movement
  • Injection sealing to reduce influx 
    of water and to prevent ground movement in cracks.


To further stabilize the tunnel and to provide water control, the tunnel is sealed and prepared to be taken in operation. This is done with cement or resin based injection products and shotcretes and membranes.

  • Injection sealing to close cracks 
    and fissures in lining.
  • Safety neting to prevent loose 
    rock falls
  • Lining to create a smooth surface and redirect water ingress
  • Shotcreting